The Tennis club met in Maureillas-Las Illas

It was at the Maison du tennis last Saturday that around forty members gathered for the general assembly, in the presence of Jean Vila, mayor, and Robert Garrabé, departmental councillor.

The balance sheets

The balance sheets have been drawn up for the past year, with the club’s good health despite the increases in load. The club has implemented a number of approaches aimed at promoting this sport, especially among the youngest and why not encourage vocations. Internship operations discovered at the elementary school, the first interclub exchanges with the clubs of Claira and Le Perthus, but also entertainment such as pancake evenings, paella, garage sales or the summer ball.

Specific parent-child rates and rates for a couple have been successfully implemented.

The Galaxy, youth and adult competitions went well apart from a clash of dates with the patent events.

The civic employment elected to Hugo at the end of May provided valuable assistance while “volunteers tend to be lacking” as Robert Solé, vice-president of the club, pointed out.


The number of pre-registrations seems to bode well for a great new year.

At the end of the meeting, the question of securing the site which suffered two burglaries was raised. The mayor mentioned a reinforcement of the protections of the premises and the installation of an alarm system.

The subject of the future padel course was mentioned since it will be linked to the tennis club, as well as the possible creation of a 3rd tennis course which will be “proposed for reflection before the end of the mandate, probably in 2023”, underlined the chosen one.

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