The Tennis Club takes stock of the year

This Saturday, November 19, Etiennette Goze, president of the Vernet Tennis-club, under the watchful eye of Bernard Massines, president of the departmental tennis committee and assisted by her “pillars”, executives Bernard, David, Annick, Frédéric and Christian Hée the monitor, reviewed in front of the members gathered the activities of the association for the past year.

Works, Covid, tournaments, awards and distinctions have punctuated the life of these sixty players, including 34 children who need to be supervised with kindness. Among the remarkable events, Émilie Olès was awarded the young leader trophy. But also a tribute to Jean Brun, a tennis player who suddenly died and who is missing on the courts. Life, was it of a club, it is also births including that of a perhaps future champion, little Louise, daughter of Caroline and Mikaël Padovani.

It has been so full and rich, this year 2021-2022, for the Tennis-club, so full of joys and misfortunes, victories and failures, work and festivities, that Bernard Massines, ex officio, handed to the president the Philippe-Chatrier trophy which rewards a club by department for its work, its results, its merit and its promotional actions for this sport. The check for 400 euros given to the club was seen by the members as an acknowledgment of their selflessness and the pleasure of bringing to life and promoting this sport that they love.

The office was unanimously renewed.

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