The Tennis-Club taking stock

Lurcy-Levis. The Tennis-Club taking stock. The Tennis-Club de Lurcy-Lévis took stock of the 2022 season which ended at the end of August


With a slight erosion, the workforce is established at sixty-eight licensees, including twenty-seven young people, to which are added a few membership cards.

President Valérie Caligiuri stressed that the practice of tennis had not been too much impacted by the health context, only the Christmas tournament was canceled.

The youth tennis school operated on Wednesday under the leadership of Mathieu Satory, a sports educator with a State Certificate, under the guise of the departmental committee. Initiation and improvement of tennis for 24 adults are also very popular with weekly guided training sessions as well as adapted tennis with five participants.

A tennis discovery afternoon was offered to primary school children to attract new members.

Good sports results

The participation and results of the various senior teams in departmental championships or tournaments have restored the good performance of the club. In summer interclubs, the women’s team lost in the first series final against Moulins Tennis and reached the pre-regional. As for the men’s pennant team, it finished in second place in its pool.

Five teams from Lurcy competed in the women’s doubles tournament, organized by the Allier Departmental Tennis Committee. The pair made up of Marine and Manon Caligiuri won the title of champion in their classification category while Martine Abdon, associated with Évelyne Signoret, lost in the final at the racket room complex in Yzeure.

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The FFT-approved tournament, at the beginning of September, had a good turnout.

Patrice Lyaunet, treasurer, presented a deficit account. Despite everything, it appears that the association’s cash position allows it to continue to ensure the sustainability of its activities. The major expenditure items are the operation of the tennis school and the purchase of balls. It should be noted that the amount of contributions remains limited for the new season.

Mathieu Bonneau, new animator of the tennis school

After the regretful departure of Mathieu Satory, the youth tennis school on Wednesday will be banned by Mathieu Bonneau, trained by the club. Tennis adapted to be adapted. Adult directed training will continue on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Women’s and men’s teams will be involved in the various departmental competitions. And the club hopes to be able to organize the 20 e

anniversary of the Jean-Paul Renaud Christmas tournament.

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