the threatening message sent to Paul Pogba from Mathias’ cell phone before the first revelations

The Parisian revealed this Friday a message from Mathias Pogba’s phone to his little brother, Paul Pogba. This message was allegedly sent a month before the start of the Pogba affair and the first video of the world champion’s older brother.

A disturbing new element in the affair which is shaking up French football. This Friday, The Parisian reveals a long message sent from Mathias Pogba’s mobile phone to his little brother, Paul. According to the daily, this long text was sent a month before the first revelations of Mathias Pogba on Twitter, at the end of August.

“Listen to me carefully detained. Today, we almost lost my life, me, Mam’s (Mahamadou Magassa, ex-close friend of Paul Pogba also temporarily in this case) and the big red hornet (sic) compared to what you have done to the little one of the France team, is it written in the message. I am aware of everything. Today, because of your selfishness and your cowardice, we are there.”

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“I give you five days to settle everything”

always according to The Parisian, the author of this message then asks Paul Pogba to pay money to the group which would attack those around him: “Now it’s very simple, you’re going to make them the transfer they asked for at the most quickly (…) Otherwise, before God, I call Mbappé’s daron and all the media in the world, I tell them everything in detail (…) I give you five days to settle everything with Adama (another suspect). If it’s not well done, take a good look at the news!”

If this long message comes from Mathias Pogba’s phone, there is no guarantee that it was he who wrote it. “The exact terms of the message make me hesitate. I’m not sure it was my brother who wrote them,” Paul Pogba also told investigators, according to information from the Parisian.

A new salvo of revelations this Friday on Mathias Pogba’s Twitter account

Currently in detention, Mathias Pogba posted new scheduled messages and videos on his Twitter account very early this Friday morning. “The masks will fall off like R-Kelly, Weinstein and Mendy and you will see that it is not pretty to see”, he launches. He describes the midfielder as “a great hypocrite, manipulator, devious, criminal”, against the backdrop of a conflict with his family, on whom he has turned his back, according to Mathias Pogba.

The Pogba’s older brother also developed his accusations of maraboutage on Kylian Mbappé in a video dedicated to this effect. “The turning point was the 2018 World Cup where Paul, even more of a believer in the wizard than in God, charged the wizard with ensuring the victory of the France team, launches Mathias Pogba. The wizard will confirm himself to Mam’s that the work had already been done and that’s where Mam’s started to get paid. After that, Paul continued with his wizard, especially during the Champions League to ensure that Manchester passed.”

Mathias Pogba also claims, in another video, that a “relative” was shot and wounded by the “bandits” who would blame Paul Pogba and his family. “He had saved my brother time. (…) But in the end, my brother did nothing. The bandits grabbed this relative to shoot him in the hand, in order to send a message to my brother, that the lives of his loved ones were in danger,” says Mathias Pogba.

As RMC Sport reported on September 18one of the suspects wore a splint while in police custody, claiming to have been shot. According to RTL, the police investigation report does mention a gunshot wound. The attack would have occurred on August 10 and would have been revealed by a medical report.

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