the three points are not negotiable in Saint-Jean-d’Angély

Against the Deux-Sévriens this Saturday, we must not flinch. “It’s a team with real ambition and which had a great performance on Saturday against La Rochelle (1-0). We must find the fundamentals and a real collective ”, because Thouars is on the heels of the Maritimes in the classification, they who are “late on the initial ambitions”. We are only five points ahead of the bottom of the standings [Montmorillon et Royan-Vaux, NDLR] “.

Land not approved

Victory and the three points will not be negotiable. But fate plays against the Angériens who will have to do without Renouleau, Mazeau and Churlaud, not yet ready to take back the cages. Another thorn in the side of Mathieu Robin’s men: the synthetic pitch still not approved to host R1 meetings.

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