the three Regional 1 clubs on the bridge

This will be the case for 10 Dordogne teams. The only ones not playing in the league or in the cup being Bergerac B (R2), Trélissac C (R3), Thenon and Ribérac (R3, eliminated from the cup). For Trélissac B therefore, on the program, a trip to Saint-Médard-d’Eyrans, penultimate of the pool. Zivko Slijepcevic’s men want to sign a third success in a row to strengthen their presence in the first third of the pool.

It is then a derby that will be on display for the two other Périgord clubs in the pool. A match between two clubs with opposite dynamics. On the one hand, Boulazac who, after a bad start (two defeats), remains on a series of four wins and two draws. On the other, Mussidan / Saint-Médard which has only one point on the clock and remains on five defeats. At home, the Mussidanais will try everything to create a surprise.

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