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During this test-match period internationalthe RCT is represented on many lawns world rugby. here are the results and the performances of our Red Black with their selections respective.

Charles Ollivon and Dany Priso (France)

Captain from XV of France (for the fifteenth time in his career) in the absence ofAntoine Dupont, Charles Ollivon was the spearhead of the tricolor face to Japan. In a part tiedthe Toulon showed the way to its partners with a great try registered before the break (36th) on a service of Maxime Lucu. Big Satisfaction of the Tour of the Bluesthe Grand Charles proved that he had indeed returned to his best level.

Finisher at the kick-off of this game, the left pillar Dany Priso entered the money time of this meeting and also won at 13th success of rank of the French who finally impose themselves on the score of 35 to 17.

Waisea Nayacalevu and Jiuta Wainiqolo (Fiji)

This Saturday, RCT reading propose a gala match at the stadium Pierre Mauroy of Lille : them Barbarians Français welcomed the national team Fijian. A meeting during which the inseparable Waisea Nayacalevu (designated captain) and Jiuta Wainiqolo shone, with no less than 3 tries in their wallet, including one double from our winger.

The Barbarians Français would definitely have had a hard time resisting the waves incessant and passion of the Flying Fijians who to impose on a river score of 14 to 46.

the resume as well as the replay of the meeting can be found on !

Mathieu Tanguy, Mathieu Smaïli and Mattéo Le Corvec (French Barbarians)

Facing them Fijian teammatesour trio of Toulon will have had more difficulties to exist but all the same made a good copy. Authors of services retrieved, Mathieu Tanguyholder in the cage, as well as the finishers Mathieu Smaili and Mattéo Le Corvecunfortunately failed to counter the assaults players from Peaceful.

The band of Denis Charvetin the state of mind blameless throughout the encounter, bows but the essential was obviously for Baa-Baas.

Cheslin Kolbe (South Africa)

Meeting in halftone to pay Cheslin Kolbe facing theItaly. After a spectacular testwhere our wisp South African came to steal a ball in the air, in the nose and beard of the transalpine defenders, the world champion in title is forced to leave the lawn on wound.

Hit in the thigh on this action, the winger of the Springboks is replaced at the 46th minuteexactly like last week after his clash with Antoine Dupont (to the nearest minute). While the nature of his injury is not yet known, his premature exit will not have prejudiced its teammateswhich ended up at the end of the game for a victory 21 to 63.

Atila Septar (Romania)

Third tenure rank for Atila Septarius under the colors of Romaniawho faced the Samoa. In a meeting dominated head and shoulders by the Iliansthe Oak XV and his wingman unfortunately remained dumb and capitulating 0 to 22.

Brian Alainu’uese (Samoa)

“The misfortune of some is the happiness of others”, goes the saying. To deal with Atila Septariusour second line Brian Alainu’uese would find a place incumbent with his own. In the cage, the Control Tower of the Red Black brought all his power to samoan packwhose forwards are inscribed two of the three trials Of the game.

Orphans of their compatriot Duncan Paia’aua, forced out last week against the Georgia and suspended 4 weeks per World Rugby for a dangerous tackle, the Samoans still offer themselves a new hit without a hitch (0-22).

Facundo Isa (Argentina)

Rapidly reduced to 14 after the expulsion from Marcos Kremer (21st)them Argentinians sank into the cauldron of Murrayfield (52-29). too unruly (3 yellow cards and 1 red card)them cougars suffered the law of the opposite opener Finn Russell and the winger Darcy Grahamauthor of a triple… In this part, our third line Faculty Isa will only have contested 8 short minutes.

After a success historical facing theEngland (29-30)the players of theAlbiceleste failed to confirm and complete this Tour on a second loss straight away, after the one facing the Wales (20-13)last week.

In short

On the rest of international lawnsand even if no Toulonnais was not present on the field this time, the performance heroic of the Georgians on the lawn of Principality Stadium of Cardiff is also to be welcomed. Winners of Welsh on their land (12-13)regular partners of Beka Gigashvili have written one of the most beautiful pages in the history of Lelos.

Not far from there, the madwoman go back up of the English (led by 19 points by the All-Blacks until the 72nd minute) a capsize Twinckenham to offer a draw to the XV of the Rose (25-25)while the Irish have disposed ofAustralia in a game pertinent and undecided (13-10).

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