The town hall of Marseille wants to make golf “accessible to all”

Marseille will be the French capital of golf this weekend exclaims Sébastien Jibrayel, deputy mayor in charge of sports. The 10e Golf Open, bringing together nearly 240 golfers, takes place over three days from Friday. For the first time, the municipality is a partner of this amateur competition organized on the 18 holes of the course of the bastide of La Salette in the 11e district of Marseilles.

On Saturday, in the event of a tie, a play off session will be organized on the last hole to decide between the best. On Sunday, a competition, More relaxed », will bring together professionals and amateurs.

A school of life

Golf is not a CAC patron sport 40 “, pleads the Marseille sports assistant. In the displayed policy, the municipality, since its arrival, wants ” promote all sports throughout Marseille “. Sébastien Jibrayel explains: “ I want to show that this sport is not an elite sport, but on the contrary a sport where all social classes can be welcomed. »

To diversify the practice of sport and democratize golf “ and other shadow sports “, the City is counting on the system ” sports springboards “, free, which allows in a district, an afternoon, the discovery for children from 6 to 12 years of several disciplines.

The Bastide de la Salette Golf Sports Association, where the Golf Open will be held, already welcomes classes from primary schools and several colleges. It has around 1,300 licensees, including nearly 400 young people, including a boy and a girl at the French poles and several have turned professional.

Opting for a policy of democratization, the license costs 18 to 28 euros for young people “ that it accompanies in particular in terms of travel and 45 euros for adults. For Françoise Canavaggia, golfer and treasurer of the association, golf also plays the social role of a school of life: ” It’s good manners, mentality, confidence, control, humility, outdoors. We carry the best created as an example and the desire to match them with cohesion. »


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