the truth about the Veretout case

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Since the name of Jordan Veretout came out and his signing at Olympique de Marseille got closer, a controversy has swelled. The AS Roma midfielder would have paid the legal fees of his accused stepfather, then sentenced to the Saint-Nazaire criminal court, to two years in prison for a sexual assault on his daughter (the sister-in-law player) now 22 years old. The sentence having been pronounced in May 2021.

It was enough for the canvas to get carried away and demand that the French international midfielder never set foot at Olympique de Marseille. Asked about the discontent of the supporters, it was a very touched Pablo Longoria who replied: ” there is a question in life. He is condemned ? Did he do something wrong? It’s a guess, I can guess about other things. Then there are other questions. Looking into the eyes, having ethics, values. You have to do things right. A rumor is a reflex of current life. Someone has come across something and everyone has to help themselves. Is judging someone morally acceptable? It takes reflection. People have to be respected “.

There was no caution

But what is he ultimately accused of? To have paid a possible deposit? Of having paid his father-in-law’s legal costs and, of course, of supporting the act? foot market took the time to find out and try to explain what really happened. On the first accusation: the caution system is less moderate in France than in the United States and in this case the accused was entitled to basic judicial control (ban on meeting the victim, for example) without bail. The instruction having ruled thus because two DNA traces had been discovered and none belonged to the accused, who denied everything at the time. But in this moral judgment, which obviously has nothing legal or judicial about it, that does not change much, we will be told.

So we come to the second accusation. To put it into context, the accusations come in two stages. A first in 2013, not followed by a complaint and a second in 2017. This time a complaint is filed. A lawyer is therefore hired, Maître Joseph Cohen-Sabban and it is one of his partners who will plead, Maître Marie-Cécile Nathan. The facts are then qualified as sexual assaults and sexual assaults.

It was the daughters of the accused who paid the first costs

But all this is part of a period of great family quarrels and settling of accounts, as can happen in some families. It is then that the family is torn apart and that the mother and the other daughters take the side of the father, who are then accused. Accused who first forcefully denies the accusations of which he is the victim. ” He was in a three quarter denial, tells us a follower of the file of the time. He was convicted and he did not appeal, there was a basis of guilt. If the court did not re-imprison him after his pre-trial detention, it was because it was not the deal of the century*”.

But again, that’s not the point. According to our information, the one and only payment made to the criminal lawyers, of the order of €5,000, was paid by the accused’s daughters, the latter bearing the rest of the costs. Still according to our information, no contact took place between Jordan Veretout and his father-in-law’s lawyers. What we have confirmed Master Joseph Cohen Sabban: “ I never received any money from him. I’ve never seen him on the phone either, and I’ve never seen him either. To be honest, I found out he was Sabrina’s husband this morning. “.

In addition, if the wife of Jordan Veretout has taken up the cause of his father, it is above all because he has never ceased to deny the allegations against him. Once the truth was obtained and certain confessions expressed, Jordan Veretout and his company cut ties with the accused. A story therefore, which had no place and which will allow everyone, including Jordan Veretout, to refocus on the green rectangle.

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