The union. Handball “still has to work”

National 2 – Pool 1: Union 25 – 32 Entente Charente HB: MT 11-14.

Referees Mickaël Paquin, Kévin Vincelet.

The Union team: E.Baret (cap) 2, T.Baret 1, Fédèle 5, Groot 3, Khélaief 2, Mankour 3, May 1, Mercui 1, Payet 2, Ramos 4, Ortet 1, Avit, Duhart. Guardians Ortet Chaudessaigues 11 stops, Cavelan. Coaches Julien Fitte Duval, Yannick Kerviche.

The Unionais missed their match, against a team that took advantage of their clumsiness in shooting and their lack of aggressiveness in defense.

Beaten at the opening of the championship in Asson (36-31), the Union missed the opportunity at home to start their season. After a catastrophic start to the match (6/10 in the 15th), the Unionais ran after the score all game. A defeat conceded on inefficiency against the cages (58 attempts with only 45% success), and the lack of aggressiveness in defense which allowed Charente HB to achieve an excellent performance in attack with 68% success on 48 shots .

Two meetings, two defeats: the USJFC must react quickly. The match as seen by union coach Julien Fitte Duval: “A second match where we still give gift after gift, too many lost balls with counters transformed into goals by the opponent. We did not take the meeting by the good end, we feel frustration, we could do much better. Faced with one of the contenders for the rise, if in the defensive sector we do better than in Asson, in the offensive field we did not do the effort and the right choices to be more efficient. In the game, we were not able to adapt to that of the opponent who evolved at the same pace. When we came back in the second half at -3, we had the equal balls that we managed badly. The group is young and still lacks maturity, we will continue to work to be more efficient in certain areas of our game.

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