the use of tennis courts is discussed

“This result is great, but it’s fragile! commented Marc Roméo, fearing not to find the same level of patronage in the future. But the prospect of a growing workforce, with in particular “more adults wishing to take lessons”, brings a wind of optimism, reflected in the forecast balance sheet. It is an “average sports record” then presented by the president of a club with 88 members – including 46 at the tennis school – citing in particular the players who have risen in the rankings.

“Club Support”

He also recalled the highlights of the tournaments, internal and approved, while worrying about the lack of volunteers for the organization. In the absence of elected members in the assembly, the first magistrate split a letter addressed to the tennis players, read and deciphered by the president. After having undergone his “support for the club”, the city councilor was part of the “prudence in the management of the community’s infrastructure”, in view of the rising cost of energy.

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