the valley’s first senior women’s team

“They are like lionesses, with a more pronounced maternal side, they allow each other, but on the pitch they don’t let go! exclaims Franck Pajak, volunteer coach of the CS Lièpvre women’s team.

He readily compares girls and boys, and it has nothing to do: “They are much more serious, they listen and obey directly. They are attentive… But on the other hand, some have never been on foot, they have to assimilate everything. Boys tend to kick the ball more naturally. Whatever, the young ladies are starting to do it too. »

And at the time of the matches, the differences are also felt: “The boys want to win more, while the girls rather want to have fun. When they lose a match, suddenly, they are less sad… ”

Aunty Jeanette

Manager of construction projects, everyone calls Franck Pajak “Tata…

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