They want to create a handball club in Ombrée-d’Anjou

Athletes and handball enthusiasts, Dragan Tabakovic and Aurélien Tissinier created, at the beginning of June, an association called Ombrée-d’Anjou handball.

They did not choose Ombrée-d’Anjou (Maine-et-Loire) by chance: they clearly perceive the desire to promote the sporting image driven by the municipal team, which has in particular deployed nine city stadiums in the territory.

Ombrée-d’Anjou has won distinctions: the label of Active and Sports City, sports city, and is recognized as Terre de jeux 2024, named after this label created for the Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled for Paris.

“We are considering a 10-12 year old team and a senior”

The two young entrepreneurs knew that previously, a handball team shone with Pouancéens names like Cosnet, Fiche, Godde, Melaine, Legault, Ampilhac, Proéti, Duval, Piton, Dessier and a few others. They want the neighbors of Segré and the departmental handball committee to be supportive. Finally, they want to believe that in Pouancéen, in the Pays de Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) or in the area of ​​Martigné-Ferchaud (Ille-et-Vilaine) there is potential.

By meeting some school officials, or mayors of historic towns, they want to attract young people to this sport by granting a club. “It remains to complete the teams, modestly for the next season: we are considering a 10-12 year old team and a senior, therefore more than 16 years old”, points out Dragan Tabakovic, who has coached teams in several French regions.

“We want people to come because they want to play handball with us”

The two friends imagine “to include the club in the local dynamic with the organization of activities, where leisure and competition will coexist”. They call out: “People outside the new commune can join us. Above all, we want people to come because they want to play handball with us. »

Information about the club or proposal to become a volunteer, contact Dragan Tabakovic at 06 71 86 15 61, or by email at [email protected]


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