Thierry Brissot, re-elected president of the Lourdes tennis club

A great season for the Lourdes tennis club, which has seen its numbers increase. Its president was re-elected.

During the general assembly of the Lourdes tennis club, Thierry Brissot, the president, welcomed Jacques Béhague, representative of the departmental committee, Mohamed Dilmi, sports assistant and Olivier Vaudoit, delegated adviser. He welcomed Sabina, new teacher since September and thanked Florian Ramonet for the six years spent at the club: “The children of the tennis school and the adults were able to appreciate your skills, your kindness and your sense of humor. You have been able to retain the children with today a retention rate of 80%. The whole office thanks you for the work accomplished within the TCL and we wish you all the best in your new functions.”

Due to the change of teacher and for organizational reasons, the tennis section of the Peyramale high school has been put on hold in agreement with the director. A point will be made in March to put it back in place for the next season. After the Covid, the office granted a 50% reduction on the contributions of adult members for 2021-2022.

Following the recurring thefts which lasted three years, cameras were installed in the club house and outside in order to put an end to this incivility. This operation was positive since the people were able to be recognized. Access control has also been set up at the Béout room to facilitate the entry of members.

Pascal Da Silva and Fred Nogueira leave the office and are replaced by Bruno Lassu, Ludovic Longo and Jean-Christophe Oliveri.

This year, the number of licensees has increased from 181 to 193, making it the second club in the department. There is a small increase among young people with 109 licensees. He congratulated the teaching team who knows how to satisfy them and their parents. In adults, slight increase with 18 women and 66 men.

Fiona Carrazé, Thalia Merah and Antony Calliabet conducted the initiator training.

Padel courts in sight

Benjamin Mendès has come to reinforce the teaching team for the second year. A new team for the TCL which is one of the two training clubs in the department.

With regard to the future of the club and the modification of the infrastructures, meetings in the town hall continue with the project of construction of padel courts and the renovation of the courses. The work is scheduled for the first half of 2023 with the renovation of the changing rooms.

After the cancellation of the Merry Koalas tournament, the Christmas tournament brought together 175 participants with 200 matches in three weeks, with very good results from Lourdais.

For the Aiglons tournament, 190 people from all over Occitania took part, i.e. 250 matches refereed by Florian Ramonet and the victory of Paul Brissot. Among the youngest, many hopes were pierced with the tennis school.

The Lourdes Open brought together 153 participants, 170 matches with a quality women’s draw and very well represented Lourdes.

The president thanked all the people, the volunteers who ensure the proper functioning of the club on a daily basis, all the partners, the sponsors who provide it faithfully.

Following this meeting, Thierry Brissot was re-elected chairman, unanimously, for three years.

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