This competition between MMA and basketball will amaze you

MMA – Always more originality in the cage. Also, This competition between MMA and Basketball will amaze you.

Think you’ve seen it all in the world of combat sports? Well, think again. Indeed, this discipline little known to the general public is called “Batyr Ball”. In short, it isa cross between MMA and basketball, no more no less. It would have been born in Kazakhstan and would take place under the banner of the “Naiza Fighting Championship”. Within the cage, six athletes come together and hope to achieve victory as a team.

Between dunks and heel keys

In this hybrid between MMA and Basketball, everything goes. Thereby, athletes successively attempt long shots, dunks and takedowns. Players are allowed to be as physical as they want in order to recover the ball. However, so that everything does not become chaotic in the cage, hitting is prohibited.


On the footage shared online, one of the athletes made a gesture worthy of Shaquille O’Neal, NBA legend. In effect, on a dunk he badly destroyed the basket backboard. A scene that seems common as long as it hardly surprises the six athletes present that evening.

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