This is Antoine Dupont’s salary compared to the fortunes of Messi and Mbappé

Although very popular, rugby remains very far from the standards of its cousin football. This particularly concerns wages since even the biggest stars of the oval ball earn very little against their round ball counterparts, especially when we look at clubs like Paris Saint-Germain.

While League 1 opens its doors this Friday, we will still have to wait before celebrating the return of the Top 14. The season will only resume on September 3 and it already promises to be exciting, with a lot of challenges that will intersect. After a white season, the Toulouse stadium no doubt wanting to reclaim his throne, while on the side of Montpellier we seem determined to install a real hegemony, with a wave of young talents who have either already confirmed or will soon do so. But this season will also be the one that will precede one of the most important sporting events on the planet, since France will organize the World Cup, which will be held from September 8 to October 28, 2023. As a reminder, the last World Cup organized in France in 2007 had greatly contributed to the popularization of rugby, broadened its visibility and especially its economy.

Dupont the most popular… but not the highest paid

We are however very far from that of football, king sport in France…

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