Tidal bore in Blaye, Libourne in Casseneuil

This time, luck has done things rather well and the two clubs in the sector, FC Libourne and FC Mascaret have solid chances of qualification on paper.

First of all FC Libourne which moves to Casseneuil in Lot-et-Garonne, a village of 2,500 inhabitants which nevertheless evolves in R3 and which has long played the rise in R2 against Agen last season.

Libournais coach Franck Vallade collected videos and indicated that it is not a small team: “We have to take them very seriously because they will want to beat us. We have to perform much better than at Bouliac. I will put a usual team to play this match at 100%.

On the Mascaret side, we are preparing to face a resident of Departmental 2, Blaye, which is better known for its citadel or its power station than for its football team. The stadistes logically beat Saint-Médard-en-Jalles C (3-0) last weekend and the Charentais de Vindelle (D3) (5-2) in the 3rd round.

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