to a bankruptcy filing

Fleury Loiret Handball seems to be on its way inexorably towards a bankruptcy filing. Unless it finds, by November 25, the sum of 200,000 euros, the professional women’s handball club will file its accounts that same day at the Orleans Commercial Court. The role of the Métropole d’Orléans and its president were openly questioned during a press conference of the leaders which was held alongside the president of the Women’s Handball League (LFH).

It’s not 100,000 euros anymore but now 200,000 euros that Fleury Loiret Handball must bring together or risk going out of business. A sum doubled because the promised aid from the Centre-Val de Loire Region and the Loiret departmental council (50,000 euros each) was conditional on the granting of the exceptional subsidy of 100,000 euros from the Métropole d’Orléans which was rejected last week
during a vote by elected metropolitan officials. This subsidy, it was widely discussed this Wednesday during a point on the situation of the club dressed by club officials in the presence of the president of the LFH

A written commitment from the Métropole

For Sabine Guillien, president of Fleury Loiret Handball, there was in this case “false promises, lies, lack of respect”. President of the LFH, Nodjialem Myaro add “there were untruths, a settling of scores“. Clearly targeted Serge Grouard. But how then to explain this volte-face of the president of the Metropolis who had committed in writing? Sabine Guillien does not have the answer: “I can’t explain it, I don’t know, sincerely I don’t know, everything was aligned, we had a meeting again a fortnight ago to integrate the sports hall in the coming seasons, I don’t know“.

See you at the commercial court on Friday

On the battle of figures, Antony Tahar, manager of the club, assures that the Metropolis “had the club’s balance sheet since last March”. All the figures were also known to the National Commission for Management Control of the Federation on the state of the club with an amount of debts up to 763,000 euros but also a company asset of 470,000 euros. Their presentation at the metropolitan council is therefore “wrong“. Aid from the Region, the Department and the Metropolis ensured a four-year clearance plan granted by the French Handball Federation.

The governance of whims – Carole Canette, mayor of Fleury-les-Aubrais

Also present at this press conference, the mayor of Fleury-les-Aubrais put a little more feet in the dish. For Carole Canette”it is the doing of the prince, the governance of whims“. The elected Fleuryssoise adds “that for Serge Grouard it is only the Orleans clubs that count and that we take them out of metropolitan jurisdiction and that for those who remain we clear the ground either, but all of this is done in defiance of all commitments in writing and balances found in the conference of mayors, it’s lunar“.

As part of the contradictory, an interview had been set with the president of the Métropole d’Orléans but Serge Grouard declined the meeting at the last moment.

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