“To get the title, we will have to do more offensively”

The Blues are good, they are carried by a good dynamic. But these three games did not increase my dose of confidence. We are still hoping for a boost. But the context of this month of November was difficult. The players left eight days of Top 14. There had been injuries before the formation of the group, facts of the game like the red card of Antoine Dupont during the three meetings. The Blues have not had a preparation comparable to that which they will benefit from before the World Cup. It is not easier to go from a domestic championship to very high level matches. So you have to be lenient.

Acceleration Collective

In certain areas, conquest, defence, the France team has a solid foundation. She has expanded. She finished the tour with stalwarts, Reda Wardi and Sipili Falatea who were maybe numbers 4 and 5 in their jobs a year ago and who were level. In the second line, Bastien Chalureau arrived. We sent that there is good emulation thanks to the 42-player training system. All of this is positive.

But I think the France team has room for improvement in the attacking sector. There are going to be anti-Dupont plans. You will have to adapt to it. In the strategy, we take few risks. We first get out of our camp and then when we are in the opponent’s 50 meters, we start to try things. There is a real collective acceleration. It’s thoughtful. There is power and speed.

What will have to be developed is what Matthieu Jalibert has shown. Have some flexibility inside the system. When he tries his kick over, the one that brings Penaud’s try, Matthieu is in his camp. It is not suitable for consignments. He tries this shot because he has these qualities and it is his role as a finisher. But it seems to me that moves like this should also be attempted by beginners. For the moment, we are a little too locked in the instructions.

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