TOP 14. Waisea’s solution to stay so young? ”Don’t drink alcohol anymore”

He is THE flagship recruit of the RCT this year. And while he has just celebrated his 32nd birthday, and therefore cannot clearly designate the future, Waisea nevertheless seems to be playing the best rugby of his career for several months. From there to even being considered the best 13 of the Top 14, and more so, by many observers. An explanation that stems from awareness, especially in terms of food. “It’s because I respect a serious diet, “he explains for Var-Matin. To be in good shape, the priority is to pay attention to what you put into your body. What you are going to ingest will show on your behavior, your personality. It is my priority to evaluate at my best level. And that concerns what I eat, but also what I look at, what I hear. I want to be in a perfect mental state…”

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A rigor which is now also established at the level of the drink: “I party but I never drink alcohol. I quit four years ago. Before, I used to drink, but I noticed that I didn’t feel well the next day. One day, I said to myself that I had to stop. Since then, I feel really better.” Habits that contrast with those of many of his island friends and others, accustomed to celebrating as soon as a party is authorized. But it is also in this that the one who was called at the beginning by his full name, Nayacalevu, can act as a big brother today. “I feel different since. I think I’m more aware of the things that happen to me. Alcohol has destroyed your brain, the intensity of what you go through every day. Personally, I feel more alive and more connected to my daily .” Professional through and through, friend Waisea.

RUGBY.  Top 14. Nayacalevu, West, Ollivon, which starting XV for Toulon in 2022/2023?RUGBY. Top 14. Nayacalevu, West, Ollivon, which starting XV for Toulon in 2022/2023?

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