Touch rugby, a benevolent and very strategic sport

The oval is a physical world to say the least. The rules impose a confrontation to advance his team. If there is always solidarity in tactile rugby, a sport of Australian origin, there is no tackle here, unlike classic rugby.

Players also do not belt themselves at the waist, but simply touch the opponent. After that, the affected player will put the ball on the ground, step over it, to make room for his “half” behind him. After six touchdowns, the team returns the ball to the opponent.

Touch rugby, a very mixed sport

“There is a certain physical requirement to perform this sport”, warns Claire Griset, French touch rugby champion. An ideal sport for those who want to let off steam on a lawn, run after an oval ball without getting hurt!


On the Gabriel Voisin field in Issy-les-Moulineaux, in the Paris region, young people, older people, women and men throw the oval ball. “Touching is a very mixed sport”, confirms Claire Griset. She specifies that she is European champion and not European champion. Indeed, his team, the Free Touch club of Issy-les-Moulineaux, is made up of women and men. A mix that is sought after in companies and naturally respected in this sport. Parity is even mandatory.

Cédric Huguet is a touch rugby referee. “It’s one of the rare sports that you can play mixed. Parity is mandatory. We can’t be less than four girls or four boys maximum, ”explains the referee.

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