Toucy, Migennes, Sens: all about the latest Yonne rugby teams launching their 2022-2023 season

RC Auxerrois, AS Chablis, RC Ordon and the Châtillon Tonnerre Avallon agreement have already produced the 2022-2023 season. Three Yonne teams are preparing to take their turn: here is all the information you need to know about Rugby Toucy Puisaye Forterre, ASUC Migennes (Regional 2) and RC Sénonais (Regional 3).

Regional 2


“With a workforce of around forty players, we have made the bet to perform with motivated and concerned players, not ghosts who do not train or little, poses Jany Causin, the coach of the Migennois, last of PH in 2021-2022. We are starting the second year of a three-year project, with Baptiste Frangne, Lucas Canonne and Cédric Brosse. The objective remains to reach the top of the ranking as quickly as possible, but also and above all to earn bonus points, offensive or defensive, because we are lacking from this point of view. This will prevent us from being penalized against teams who have the same win-loss record as us, but better manage their performances .”

Departures. Maxime Berry (RC Auxerre), Alexis Champlong (stop), Nathan Fleury (RC Auxerre), Sylvain Fleury (stop), Cédric Goze (stop), Maxime Goze (leaving studies), Thomas Morin (stop), Maxime Noailles (leaving professional ), Steven Pilard (leaving studies), Jean-Baptiste Sautier (stopped).

Arrivals. Mathias Boularand (recovery), Christopher Debortoli (recovery), Yoni Fauvillon (promotion club), Frédéric François (recovery), Thomas Lieugeois (recovery), Boris Martin (recovery), Pierre-Alexandre Peron (arrival handball), Hugo Saulet (RC Auxerre), Cyril Terrats (reprise).

WORKFORCE.Before : Yohan Andrades, Jorge Antunes, Steven Aubrun, Alexis Bouge, Mathias Boularand, Lucas Canonne, Cédric Chereau, Yoni Fauvillon, Frédéric François, Mickaël Houellebec, Loïc Houellebec, Thomas Lieugeois, Geoffrey Olivier, Pierre-Alexandre Peron, Quentin Pilard, Julien Raynal , Laurent Sanchez, Stéphane Sokoury, Cyril Terrats.

Rears : Stéphane Bonnin, Cédric Brosse, Christopher Debortoli, Benoît Delecour, Gabin Farro, Ilias El Ouali, Corentin Lecornue, Adrien Leal Farinah, Tom Légaré, Noé Lemee, Boris Martin, Maxime Mazurier, Loup Salgado, Naël Salgado, Alexis Sanchez, Hugo Saulet , Charles Suhit, Théo Testevuide, Lucas Theret.

Coaches : Jany Causin, Baptiste Frangne, Lucas Canonne, Cédric Brosse.

Rugby Toucy Puisaye Forterre

“The off-season has been beneficial to us, with the arrival of many players, underlines Cédric Massot, the coach of Poyaudins, seventh in the Promotion d’Honneur last season. We had good preparation with good attendance at training, What had not happened for five years. The challenge this season is to rely on the solidarity that saved us last year to insert the new ones. Our objective is not to have a forfeit for the team B and to keep all the players. It’s as much the game as the human quality of the group that has player abilities. We’re going to have to build with the different levels. The hen seems a priori easier with no descent, two climbs and the arrival of First Series teams. The idea is to settle at this level.”

Departures. Jonathan Delohen (stop), Vincent Lettry (becomes referee).

Arrivals. Thibault Chatelet (Auxerre), Guillaume Durand (return), Dorian Desrimais (return), Benoît Grognet (return), Julien Méa (return), Grégory Michaud (beginner), Enzo Millot (school of rugby), Jonathan Cordier (beginner), Jean-Claude Caria, Pierre Le Leysour, Pierre-Alain Sanders, Yohan Jouy (beginner), Ludovic Soc (beginner), Mattéo Bardin (beginner), Raphaël Duchemin (recovery).

WORKFORCE.Before : Mickaël Bourgeois, Dorian Desrimais, Mickaël Gasset, Lenny Gasset, Thomas Gorin, David Guyard, Louis Lambert, Maxime Lambert, Camille Le Gall, Benoît Lettry, Alrick Marion, Benoît Renoux, Nicolas Thuiland, Guillaume Vidal, Jean-Claude Caria, Pierre -Alain Sanders, Yohan Jouy, Mattéo Bardin, Raphaël Duchemin.

Rears : Baptiste Chamon, Thibault Chatelet, Michel Choubard, Cyril Danon, Sulyvan Delclaux, Guillaume Durand, Josse Galopin, Vincent Gheysens, Benoît Grognet, Robin Lalu, Kevin Lavernot, Christophe Maison, Cédric Massot, Julien Méa, Jean-Baptiste Messagé, Grégory Michaud , Enzo Millot, Mathieu Pierron, Guillaume Vaudenet, Jonathan Cordier, Pierre Le Leysour, Ludovic Soc.

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Regional 3

RC Senonais

The trio of coaches are aiming for the top of the rankings. “We are going to try to finish in the top two, in order to go play in a final, announces Yves Étienne. For that, we will have to erase the mistakes of last year. Rebuild a good framework with the old, the new, the returns, by integrating young people. All this to create a good dynamic, a healthy development, a common project. Highlighting the values ​​of rugby, having fun with friends around the ball.”

Departures. Victor Agostini, Tom François, Ludovic Kuntzmann, Thomas Letin, Victor Dombrecht, Fabio Leva, Julien Marques, Billy Berger, Tom Dartois, Maël Godnair (all: stoppage), Ilies Rey (RC Auxerrois).

Arrivals. Alberto Dario, Mathias Delcroix, Vincent Foudrier, Dylan Loth, Manu Miranda (recovery), Thibault De Vreese, Jean-Christophe Georges, Jérémy Taillefert, Mathias Zouaoui (free).

WORKFORCE.Before : Alexandre Gœtz, Emmanuel Simmonet, Jean-luc Vanderlinden, Mickaël Braillard, Thomas De Freitas, Jeoffrey Langlois, Julien Harley, Antoine Blondet, David Delalleau, Benjamin Gasnier, Patrice Mercier, Jérémy Delatour, Morgan Platin, Mathias Delcroix, Jérome Gaudiot, Dylan Loth, Christophe Meunier, Brendan Jardet, Manu Miranda, Julien Roy, Jorian Rudie.

Rears : Geoffrey Braillard, Yoann Pierre, Jason Bonnevie, Benoit Godfring, Tilian Fonseca, Samuel Parigot, Mathéo Chaussat, Sylvain Delecour, Jules Connault, Alberto Dario, Thibault De Vreese, Thomas Dupré, Vincent Foudrier, Jean-Christophe Georges, Alexis Pissaut, Jérémy Taillefert, Mathias Zouaoui.

Coaches : Yves Etienne, Patrice Perdoux, Charles Bardin.

In Regional, the Yonne power 3

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