Towards the creation of a senior women’s rugby union team in Vierzon, a first in the Cher

Until now, the cadets trained in Vierzon will become, for some, the happiness of different Elite clubs. Whatever their level, all were nevertheless condemned to exile when entering the senior category. But things are changing, because SA Vierzon intend to participate in the Federal 2 championship this season. From the memory of leaders, as in the Cher committee, it would be a first in XV for the department. The Vierzonnaises would start alone, but they wanted to cover their backs.

ASM Romagnat bets on the Vierzonnaise sector


“Our pool is based on students recruited from colleges who start rugby activity in second (within the sports section of the Édouard-Vaillant high school), explains coach Stéphane Balouzat. Until now, we had three years for the elders. But things will change this year because we will recruit women who come from outside the school. Nevertheless, we still wanted to pre-commit to X with the League (in the Grand-Ouest championship), so as not to find ourselves without any competition. »

The staff: Stéphane and Pascale Balouzat and Benjamin Bidault (missing Frédéric Pyat).

The SAVs also have until September 16 to register in the XV Federal 2 championship, with the Federation. In addition to Stéphane Balouzat who takes care of the forwards, the staff will be made up of Pascale Balouzat (physical trainer), Benjamin Bidault (manager in charge of the game plan) and Frédéric Pyat (three-quarter coach).

“Our major problem will be to create chemistry between all these generations, adds Stéphane Balouzat. It has always been the story of a generation, but about old people who made us understand that they wanted to set up a team. For the first time, we would have a nice balance between the lines with a nice package of forwards and very enthusiastic three-quarters. We will be in construction in order to be able to run for a title in three years. The SAV girls are playing this season in Barran.

The Vierzonnaise in training at the Henri-Chavet stadium.

The Lionesses in X and Arçay in leisure

For their part, the Lionesses du Cher will return to training on August 11 and will compete in the Grand-Ouest championship at X. “We are working on the XV project, however, specifies their coach Ghislain Bret. And we hope to launch our junior team this year. »

If President d’Arcay has opened the door to a rapprochement, it should not succeed soon. The Arcs’ouilles were not even supposed to go back to X in the Great West. “They no longer want to,” says Bertrand Martin Gréguy. They are tired of always meeting the same teams. Some of the players should continue in leisure and another should consider going to play at XV with Nevers, despite the kilometers. »

Arçay during the last Grand-Ouest regional final of women’s rugby X.

Several times Grand-Ouest champions in X, the Arcs’ouilles had once again participated in the final phase, in May, in the upper pool, while the Lionesses had finished second, in the lower pool.

Philip Roche


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