Trélissac wants to quickly move on

The players and the staff of the TFC have done what they can to turn the page: “We had a meeting on Monday [NDLR : 21 novembre] and we are now focused on this Friday’s game. We have important deadlines coming up. We must not dwell on the Coupe de France. We have made our families and friends proud, but we have to move on. The most important thing is what is our daily life, that is to say the championship. »

The collective takes precedence

The TFC is preparing to welcome Vierzon, the championship’s red lantern. The Trélissacois are only one point ahead of this opponent, whom they don’t know as well as the other teams in the pool: “It’s the first time I’ve played them, explains Gnaleko, they won the last weekend in the Coupe de France [0-6 à Marcoussis, R1], it gave them confidence. We know what ingredients to put in to win, the game is still played on details. Everyone wants to see us play the same level as the one against Bordeaux, where we were 1000% motivated. We must be at an equivalent level in the league, both solid and efficient. We must not let them gain confidence. »

Less used this season than usual, Gnaleko performed well against the Girondins: “I am a competitor and I want to have to play every game, even at 34 years old. I know it’s not easy for the coach to make choices. If he calls on me, he knows that I will be there. If he puts me in the group, I will be motivated and I will send energy to the group to get support. If we think that the individual takes precedence over the collective, we have to play ping-pong. »

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