Turbo Golf Racing, early access that inspires!

When I saw a first glimpse of Turbo golf course in conference, my eyes filled with stars. A racing game, but which adds a ball. A definite resemblance to Rocket League, additions that looked fun, it was enough. As soon as possible, I immersed myself in this brand new title from Hugecalf Studios.

Rocket Golf Race!

One can not deny it. From the start, the resemblance to rocket league is clearly done! Three car models are available and a very inspired control scheme: skid, jump and double jump. A small tutorial allows us to learn the basics before starting the serious things to break the similarity. There is also a boost and a gauge that fills up over time or by picking up canisters on the ground. Small surprise, the vehicles of Turbo golf course can admit wings for planing! After a few games, we also unlock two ability slots, one active and one passive. For example, it is possible to obtain a weapon that allows you to project a shock wave around you to push the ball, and to have a larger ball. However, the developers still have work to do on the controls, these are sometimes a little imprecise.

The corn of TGR it’s simple ! On each track, you have to use your car to push a ball to the hole. “Oh but that’s all? It sucks” you will tell me! And you would be completely wrong, as long as the paths are drawn ingeniously. Between your big curves, steep edges that can make your ball fall and make it reappear a few meters earlier, gigantic walls, as well as trees on the way, areas of sand, grass… So many elements that could make the ball bounce in the wrong direction, slowing it down or even stopping it entirely while you are going full speed. I thus had to learn to dose the ball strikes to give it the desired effect, not to push it too hard or on the contrary to put the maximum power into it. But also planing over some surfaces slowing down the car. Turbo golf course fulfill an essential condition: be simple to learn, but difficult to master perfectly. Enough to provide a learning curve at the top!

A solved game looks to the future

Regarding the solo part, it is currently composed of thirty timed tracks. We find each of them in the multiplayer mode which promises wild evenings. Indeed, if it is easy to find with a single ball and car on a track, it is possible to be up to eight players per race! Fortunately, it is not possible to touch the ball of his opponent which could have caused quite toxic behavior from some online. But don’t think that means it means no interaction. Recoverable bonuses on certain slots currently include missiles, and shields. A limited selection for the moment, but which is likely to expand during the twelve months that the Early Access of Turbo golf course.

The title already offers a season pass system with many customization options to unlock. A logical choice for this style of play which can last for many years, provided you know how to renew yourself. Thirty circuits will suffice for a while, but will not allow Turbo golf course to stand the test of time over time.


This first version of Turbo golf course convinced me. If all is not perfect, the foundations are clearly laid and the potential is certain. It remains to be seen the evolution until the final version, the studio having promised regular updates in the weeks and months to come, and if the title manages to renew itself enough not to tire the players. In the meantime, it’s time to get back on track and hit the leather.

Accessibility criteria

Visual Impairment Hearing impairment
High Contrast (Aiming Reticle) Subtitles with mood indications
font color size ✔ Identification of the person speaking
Marking enemies Customizable font
Customizable interface Customizable font color
Customizable minimap color Alert alternatives options (vibration, flash…)
Color blindness option Reported ambient sounds (notifies of presence)
Text-to-speech option
Game slowdown

Test conditions

TV details 4K Game provided by the publisher Yes
Console Xbox series X Time spent in game 6am
Difficulty level Game over

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