Twitter: the referee of Belgium-Canada cut!

11/23PHOTO : Japan’s impeccable dressing room 11/23Belgium : De Bruyne cash on his match 11/23Man Utd : Rooney reacts to the departure of Ronaldo 11/23LoC (f) : PSG is relaunching 11/23Spain : Luis Enrique already warns Germany 11/23Belgium : this time, Courtois does not have the seum 11/23Twitter : the referee of Belgium-Canada cut! 11/23bavaria : Mbappé and PSG, Upamecano in no hurry 11/23EDF : Dembélé wants to “grow” during this World Cup 11/23Belgium : a record equaled in CdM pools! 11/23Belgium : Batshuayi retains the 3 points 11/23Denmark : Delaney out against France! 11/23CoM : the classification of group F (Belgium) 11/23CoM : Belgium 1-0 Canada (final) 11/23Brazil : the “best version” of T. Silva 11/23VIDEO : Japan, the funny reaction of Dembélé 11/23Belgium : sanction stopped, first in CdM? 11/23Spain : Luis Enrique savors it, but… 11/23Spain : 7-0, a historic carnage 11/23EDF : Upamecano did not feel any pressure 11/23EDF : Substitutes win 4-0 against U19s 11/23Belgium: good odds against Canada! 11/23chelsea : Ronaldo, the trend is confirmed 11/23CoM : Gavi, the youngest goalscorer since… Pelé 11/23CoM : the classification of group E (Spain) 11/23CoM : Spain 7-0 Costa Rica (out) 11/23CoM : Belgium-Canada, line-ups 11/23EDF : Incense Dembele Giroud 11/23Brazil : T. Silva’s message to the supporters 11/23Saudi Arabia : Fox Calm Everyone 11/23MdC 2022 : the astonishing stat ‘on the 0-0 11/23Germany : Gündogan’s rant 11/23Twitter : Blue Lock, and if Japan succeeds? 11/23Japan : a record for veteran Nagatomo 11/23England : Pickford reassures for Kane! 11/23Spain : Luis Enrique on Twitch, Rodri valid 11/23CoM : Germany 1-2 Japan (finished) 11/23CoM : Spain-Costa Rica, line-ups 11/23VIDEO : the Japanese Asano crucifies Neuer, 2-1! 11/23Costa Rica : Navas, a life changed by the CdM 11/23VIDEO : Giroud and again Giroud, Zlatan treats 11/23PHOTO : German response to FIFA 11/23Spain : the best collective according to Rodri 11/23Morocco : Twitter only talks about Bounou! 11/23Rome : Solbakken until 2027 (official) 11/23Morocco : Regragui wanted more 11/23England : concern Kane… 11/23CoM : Germany-Japan, line-ups 11/23CoM : Morocco 0-0 Croatia (out) 11/23EDF : Haise’s tactical analysis 11/23CoM : victory for the tenant, first since 2006 11/23City of Man : Guardiola until 2025 (official) 11/23EDF : Riolo and the luck of Deschamps 11/23PSG : Navas, a spade towards Galtier? 11/23Man Utd : no compensation for Ronaldo 11/23EDF : Griezmann enjoyed his role 11/23EDF : the beautiful stat ‘of Mbappé 11/23CoM : Morocco-Croatia, line-ups 11/23Television audiences : record of the year for the Blues 11/23EDF : the sentence of Deschamps for L. Hernandez 11/23Troyes : Kisnorbo replaces Irles (official) 11/23EDF : serious injury inflicted on L. Hernandez 11/23EDF : T. Hernandez, the real starter for Riolo 11/22EDF : Lloris pays tribute to Giroud 11/22VIDEO : Deschamps room Desailly! 11/22EDF : L. Hernandez, is it the Crusaders? 11/22EDF : Lloris pessimistic for L. Hernandez 11/22EDF : Deschamps sees a serene Mbappé 11/22EDF : Pavard very touched for L. Hernandez 11/22Man Utd : Ferdinand reacts to the departure of CR7 11/22Australia : Arnold and the quality of the Blues 11/22EDF : Deschamps appreciated 11/22Man Utd : a sale of the club under study (official) 11/22EDF : Rabiot had discussed it with Giroud 11/22EDF : Giroud reacts to his record List of news items for Wed. November 23, 2022 List of news items for Tue. November 22, 2022

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