Two Point Campus and Turbo Golf Racing join Game Pass in August

With Ghost Recon: Wildlands for latecomers

Microsoft has unveiled the list of games that will join Game Pass in the first half of Augustand as usual, there are for all tasteswhether it’s old hackneyed titles or new releases available in the catalog as soon as they’re released.

While subscribers can discover playing Ghost Recon Wildlands for 2 days, fans of more than curious genre mixes can from today rub shoulders with Turbo golf coursewhere the cars rocket league swapped their football pitch for an 18 hole. Convenient when the electric golf cart doubles very angry putter. As for the most cerebral, they could probably set their sights on Shenzhen I/O of Zachtronicand try to control the mysteries of electronics.

However, we will have to wait August 9 To take advantage of the biggest Game Pass release for the month: Two-point campusthe sequel to the very successful Two Point Hospital and whose professional reviews are already very positive. The management aspect wants to be just as accessible, without missing of a certain depth.

August 11they are mainly pc gamers which will be served with cooking simulator, Expeditions: Rome and the very capitalist RTS Off-world trading company.

Unfortunately, new games in the catalog of the Game Pass also indicates that certain titles will be soon to be withdrawn from service.

From August 15go away :

  • Boyfriend’s Dungeon
  • Curse of the Dead Gods
  • Ruina Library
  • Starmancer
  • Train Sim World 2

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