two wins, three losses this weekend – Remiremontvallé

Check out the results of this weekend’s competitions.

Second day of the Lorraine women’s winter championship at the tennis club.

– Regional 2: Defeat 4/1 for team 1 against Gérardmer 1. Nice performance from Emilie L!

– Regional 4: Defeat 5/0 of team 2 against Mirecourt 1

Second day of the Women’s Trophy:

– Departmental 1: Victory 2/1 of team 3 vs Vittel 2

– Departmental 1: Defeat 3/0 of team 4 vs Granges 1

2nd day of the Lorraine Championship for 12-year-old boys:

– Victory 3/0 for Remiremont against Ludres.

Congratulations to all and more particularly to: Valérie G, Hélène M, Emilie L, Enola G, Lise C, Jojo, Yvette C, Joëlle D, Emilie R and Noélie V. Congratulations to the boys Edgar G and Jean G who flew over the competition.

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