Valence d’Agen. Promising start for Deux-Rives handball

For this resumption of handball players from Deux-Rives, the under-18s traveled this weekend to Gourdon for a first meeting of the season. An appointment that almost did not take place. In reduced numbers since the start of the season, the young Valencians have been reinforced with under-15s to make this comeback. They therefore all left with the firm intention of winning this first match, accompanied by a new coach for the occasion, Gaëtan Marlet, who cut his teeth with this young and new team. Not easy to coach a group that we do not know and yet, Gaëtan and the team have succeeded in their bet. After a good start to the match, the young Valencians let loose on the pitch. The first half was to their advantage with a score of 16 to 14. One could think that fatigue could have got the better of these youngsters. It did not happen.

In the second half, attentive to the coach’s instructions, they were impenetrable in defense and incisive in attack. Speed ​​and accuracy were the watchwords of this second period, and at the final whistle, Valencia won their first victory with a nice score of 28 to 22.

We will remember from this day the good understanding between these two groups together, only one instruction: to win. Moreover, it was done with art and manner.

A big thank you to Gaëtan Marlet for taking this team on short notice. The coach was happy with his team who knew how to listen and put in place the necessary tactics and game methods.

Next week :

– First home games of the season for the under-18s who beat Figeac at 5.30 p.m.;

– The senior boys will follow, at 7:30 p.m., and will meet Vic;

– The under 15s will travel to Beauzelle, match at 3 p.m.;

– The senior girls will be entitled to a first long trip to Saint-Céré, match scheduled for 9 p.m.

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