Valence d’Agen. Rugby: the Valencians are on the right track

It is a second encouraged success that the Avenir valencien brought back from its first trip of the season to Castelnaudary. As the new manager Nicolas Crubilé often repeats: “It’s a new group which is under construction with new players who must assimilate a game project.” For that, you have to work and work again, that’s what is done during the week. The championship started only two Sundays, difficult to be already on point but in the capital of cassoulet, with an average team different from that of the reception of FCTT, we feel a team which increases in pressure but this time again, the he team fished on the conclusion, that little gesture, that insecure pass, that little nothing that caused the movement to fail close to the goal. This sector of play is part of the “construction sites” on which the group is working at the moment, just like the touch which did not have its usual influence on Sunday afternoon with a few throws deemed not to be straight. Referees are instructed to be very strict on throws. The meeting had started well for the “sky and white” who camped almost the entire first period in the opposing 50 meters. They will however cash a test (18th). Kévin Lecareux’s teammates who had missed two chances managed in the 34th minute to conclude a magnificent movement, started from afar, and winger Adrien Alavoine, last served, spun along the sidelines to score the first try. Augustin Henric’s boot did the rest with three penalties (22nd, 27th, 39th). At halftime, the score was 17-8.

After the break, the locals will fight back and in the scrum sector, they will upset the visitors and in the game, they will be dangerous so that after an hour of play, they will come back to score. But at the end of the game, Benjamin Borderies will widen the gap with a try in stoppage time. Nicolas Crubilé returned to the game yesterday Monday: “The first half hour is close to rugby, which we practice alternating in which the forwards and three-quarters play in continuity while respecting our roots. Unfortunately, we did not take the gap enough over this period. For me, there is a turning point in the match, when we do not play a touch because the lane is really not respected…”, whistled by the referee, sanctioned, touched, and four game times later, try… when they had not yet returned to our camp.

Behind, we set off on a 50-minute showdown with some very good and some even less good… When I want to remember the away victory, our solidarity and our state of mind with a group that had turned against at the FCTT and facing a team that will be difficult to maneuver on its field. While being well aware that Sunday is Saint-Sulplice, and that certain inaccuracies seen in recent weeks must be quickly erased. Precision will therefore be the keyword of the week to prepare for this fifth match and continue to build ourselves.”

As a curtain lever, the hopes draw, 13 to 13, after a match they were dominated but there too, they did not know how to drive the point home when possible.

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