VIDEO. Crazy scene! He thinks of offering the victory to his team but commits a huge dumpling

Big moment of loneliness for this young fullback who looked badly at the scoreboard… (©Screenshot)

This is called a monumental rateI ! During a college game at Durbanvillein South Africa, the under-19s of Durbanville High welcomed those of Bishops. The locals had a strong match and were leading (13-3) at halftime. Except that in the second half, visitors to Bishops came back perfectly into the game, registering 4 tries, to bring the score to 28-29 in their favor.

He will deliver his team and his supporters, but it will not be…

In the last moments of the match, however, the home team had one last chance to snatch a victory at home, negotiating a final attack in the opposing camp. Unfortunately for the locals of Durbanville High, their back will make a huge blunder by hitting the touchline, believing that his team was ahead on the scoreboard and that he was thus offering success to his people. Except that his team was one unit behind…

The interested party delivered his team and his supporters, but it will not be. All his teammates do not believe their eyes and hold their heads with both hands before falling to the ground. For his part, he was consoled by his right pillar, but above all he must have felt very alone, becoming the laughingstock of his university.

The young fullback had to make himself very small and hide for a long time after this huge blunder. There is no doubt that we will not adopt him again and that he will now look at the bulletin board twice rather than once. We hope he will come back stronger after this horrible miscalculation.

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