Villeneuve-la-Comptal. Echoes of Villeneuve rugby

the essential
At the Lauragais Malepère Educational Rugby (RELM), practitioners of all categories are on the meadow on Tuesday and Friday from 6 p.m.

RELM. The month of September is very busy, the leaders of Arnaud Bésio welcome parents to guide them in their administrative and sports procedures. The educators are in the field, but also in the gym, they trained in FFR safety obligations with Guy Estériola, they revised the new “Rugby Digest” guidelines. Daniel Sibra has drawn up the roadmap and the objectives to be achieved, which necessarily involves registration for newcomers to federal training.

Practitioners of all categories are on the meadow on Tuesday and Friday from 6 p.m. The Babies resumed on Saturday September 17 at 11 a.m. This Saturday, September 24, the M8 M10 M12 will participate in Aude Rugby Perspectives, the first gathering of the Aude Departmental Committee (CD11) in Carcassonne, on the Mayrevieille plain. Reception on site at 9:30 a.m. 10:15 a.m.: briefing around the CD sports committee. 11:00 p.m.: lunch break. 1:30 p.m.: resumption of activities. 3 p.m.: snack and departure.

RCV XV. The Villeneuvois welcomed for the first day of the Occitan championship the formidable formation of Kerkorb, a mixture of Audois and Ariègeois from Chalabre and La Bastide le Peyrat. The premises of coach Ionut Tofan, in total restructuring, could only oppose their courage and win them, not easy to collect 69 points when you receive at home.

“With the reform of the territorial series which went from six levels to three, we had to expect such differences in the score, comments Jean-Michel Cathala, the referent of the match. We must give the teams time to adapt to this new championship, for an early resumption of the season the match was pleasant to follow. .

USV 5. 5-a-side rugby training sessions take place on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. They are open to boys and girls.

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