Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Rugby League: the Leopards represent the hair of the beast

A club like Villeneuve XIII could not disappear from the treiziste and high level map like that. “It was inconceivable even if at the beginning of the summer, I was very worried because we only had 12 licenses in the first team” advances the coach Constant Villegas.

It is true that in the off-season, the “green and white” experienced a serious erosion in their workforce with no less than 12 departures (Marguerite, Masselot, Biscarro, the Davies brothers, Nikolic, Diakaté, Kriouache, Gruppi, Bachoukh , Dubertrand, Monclus). But that did not prevent a core of leaders and former players from getting their hands dirty to revive the club and especially so that it does not sink into the abyss.

“Today, thanks to the work of the trio Florent Kouassi, François Lasvenes, Franck Labeyrie but also with faithful like Guy Cavaillé and a big collaboration with the SAV 13, we are doing much better. Certainly, we have fallen behind compared to other clubs but we must remain optimistic” continues the Villeneuvois coach who recorded the arrivals of the Englishman Eoin Bowie, the Scottish international Connor Terril, the Carcassonnais Enzo Arnaud, the Toulousain Gaeten Vick, the Pujolais Dorian Lopez while two foreign players are expected before the start of the championship scheduled for Sunday, October 2, with the reception of Toulouse to Max Rousié.

Constant Villegas and his deputy Laurent Carrasco expect a workforce of 25 units including 3 trainees. “The calendar is rather favorable to us with the first two meetings in front of Toulouse and the promoted Pia and especially a return phase where we will play well all our meetings at home. The objective will be the qualification”, ends Constant Villegas, having given an appointment to his players on August 23 for the first collective training.

The schedule: October 2, Leopards of Aquitaine-Toulouse (return on December 18); October 9, Pia-Léopards d’Aquitaine (return on January 8, 2023); October 16, Leopards of Aquitaine-Limoux (return on January 15); October 29, Leopards of Aquitaine-Saint-Estève XIII Catalan (return on January 29); November 6, Avignon-Léopards d’Aquitaine (return on February 12); November 13, Albi-Léopards d’Aquitaine (return on February 26); November 27, Lézignan-Léopards d’Aquitaine (return March 19); December 4, Leopards of Aquitaine-Saint-Gaudens (return March 26); December 11, Carcassonne-Léopards d’Aquitaine (return on April 15).

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