Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Tennis: the beautiful weekend of the TCV

The training of young people is the essential rule in a club. The Tennis-Club-Villeneuvois (TCV) is perfectly aware of this and does a huge job in this sector with all its educators. And you have to believe that hard work pays off, that these little budding champions are full of talent after the huge weekend that this sports association dear to Nicole Balse has just had. With a full box for all the young people of the TCV who distinguished themselves during their respective final. Thus, in Miramont-de-Guyenne, Chloé Bulfoni (13-14 years old), Sébastien Clary (13-14 years old) and Valentin Latrubesse (17-18 years old) climbed to the top step of the podium, showing themselves to be up to it. of the event and their coach’s expectations. And on the island of beauty in Ajaccio, it was another little queen of the TCV who made the powder talk with the great victory of Faustine Vincent. Successes and cuts which must certainly call for others for all those enthusiasts of the yellow ball whose room for improvement is still significant. In the meantime, congratulations to all these little champions who carried the colors of the bastide very high this weekend, exporting themselves in a very beautiful way.

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