Vincent Labrune has XXL ambitions for Ligue 1 in Europe

If you are a loyal reader of foot market, you know that Friday often rhymes with the UEFA index. And often, it’s not to announce good news. Moreover, France really trembles for its index. As a reminder, the gap has narrowed with the Netherlands and Portugal and there is reason to fear the worst for 2024, the date of entry into force of the new Champions League formula.

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It is therefore time to act. And quick. This morning, as part of the “Demain le Sport” festival, organized by The Team, France Info and France TelevisionsVincent Labrune only announced the date of the future call for tenders for Ligue 1 TV rights. As a speaker, the president of the LFP mainly took the opportunity to draw up the inventory of French clubs in Europe.

The L1 must be part of the European top 3

“France is now in the second European division, we must not be afraid to say it”he said in comments relayed by Objectivebefore adding that “the explosion of TV rights” is one of the factors “which have highlighted the endemic weaknesses of French professional football”. Maintaining fifth place in the UEFA index is therefore a priority for Labrune. Without that, it will be difficult to renegotiate higher TV rights in a year.

The former president of OM also revealed the future objectives of the League. And they are very high. As well as growing international revenue, Labrune wants Ligue 1 to be among the top three leagues in Europe. “Ligue 1 will have to be, within five years, not top 4, but on the European podium, both in terms of sporting results and income. » Ambitious ? Surreal? The debate is open.

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