Vincent Labrune ready to “dust off and rename the Ligue 1 brand”

The president of the Professional Football League (LFP) spoke at the Demain le sport festival on Thursday. He wants to “create a show culture around the League” which suffers from an “image deficit”.

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“We will have to think about renaming the Ligue 1 brand”, revealed Vincent Labrune, president of the Professional Football League, during the Demain le Sport festival, Thursday, September 22. “We have to make Ligue 1 a strong brand, he explained. On an image deficit, it must be recognized. We must generate more desirability, more notoriety. We need to organize a more captivating storytelling. We must free ourselves from traditional treatments.”

For the president of the LFP, it is necessary”create new experiences, create a show culture around the League”. He also wants to support “Technological innovation in sports consumption” with digital. “We will soon launch our OTT channel [‘over-the-top’, contenus proposés via une connection internet]”he specified.

Vincent Labrune also announced the launch of the next call for tenders for Ligue 1 broadcasting rights for the 2024-2028 cycle in the fall of 2023. In order to successfully reassess the amount of the current contract, i.e. 624 million euros per season. The president of the LFP wants to rely on a “the very strong marketing ambition”.

“We think that the attractiveness of Ligue 1 depends on our ability to have five or six clubs around Paris Saint-Germain. We must make L1 a benchmark European league.”

Vincent Labrune, president of the LFP

at the Demain Le Sport festival

To this marketing ambition “very strong”the president of the League wishes a “very strong sporting ambition”. The president of the LFP aims “to be on the European podium, both in terms of sporting results and income. We want to win European competitions”. Vincent Labrune insists on the “key”: “Give strength to our European teams” with notably “100% of the international rights which will be captured by European clubs, this is a first in Europe and it will be effective from next season.“.

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