Volleyball: Congo will host the Zone 4 championships

With a view to promoting, popularizing and developing the practice of volleyball nationally and internationally, the Confederation of African Volleyball Zone (CAVB) 4 has appointed the Congolese Federation of the discipline to organize the ninth edition of the zone 4 men’s and women’s clubs. This competition is played in compliance with the barrier gestures decreed by the Congolese government.“, can we read in the memo dating from September 11.

The competition will be played from November 7 to 20 in Brazzaville and will bring together the champion teams of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad and Congo.

Fécovo is counting on the support of its partners for the success and visibility of this competition, specifying, moreover, that the support it requests from the Ministry of Sports is not financial but rather administrative. Brazzaville was, in fact, chosen because it has good sports infrastructure. ” We come to your benevolence to request the use of the Henri-Elendé gymnasium, from November 5 to 20, for the development of this flagship activity in our area. “, a writing from Fécovo to the minister.

The CAVB note also specifies that international transport and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the delegations. To facilitate the movement of delegations, Fécovo asked the car park to provide four buses (Coaster), a Hiace, four light cars and two “King long” buses. Fécovo relies on this competition to better prepare for future events, in particular, the African Games in Accra, Ghana, in 2023, and the African Cup of Nations (CAN) the same year. For this last competition, it will be necessary to go through the zonal phase in order to ensure qualification for the final phase. In order to avoid the inconvenience approved by the financial problems, the Fécovo, which wishes to participate in these two major competitions, decides for the organizer of the zonal qualifying tournament for the CAN.

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