Volleyball – Football: August 17, a crucial day for Narbonne Volley and FU Narbonne

This Wednesday, August 17, Narbonne Volley and FUN will go before the conciliation commission of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee and will know their fate for the coming season. Two hearings which could potentially both files be re-evaluated.

If the season has been good for Narbonne Volley (Challenge Cup title and Ligue A semi-final, editor’s note)as well as for the FU Narbonne (sports maintenance in National 3), the off-season, on the other hand, was spoiled. Indeed, the two Narbonne teams have experienced difficulties, on different scales, and this Wednesday, they will play part of their future.

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Will Narbonne play in Ligue A?

On the volleyball side, the situation is delicate. Due to financial problems noted by the DNACG and by the Club Aid and Control Commission (CACCP) at the end of June, Narbonne Volley could no longer be evaluated in Ligue A and be demoted to the amateur division (3rd level of French volleyball) from the 2022-2023 season. The conditional is still de rigueur in this case since there is still a chance for Jérémie Ribourel’s club to save themselves. And it is this Wednesday August 17 in front of the CNOSF that it is played. The Aude club has decided to change the file compared to the two old auditions (end of June before the CACCP and mid-July before the DNACG, editor’s note). In our columns, the president of the Centurions had announced the report of the creation of the simplified joint-stock company next year, or “as soon as the situation of the association is efficient”. The latter was recapitalized up to 400,000 euros by individuals, in the form of a loan with a return to better fortune clause (the amounts will only be reimbursed if the club’s finances allow it, editor’s note). Also, there are two new features in the amounts of services for the municipality and the agglomeration community. For the year 2023, the club will receive an amount of 837,093 euros (383,000 euros of subsidy from the City, a new exceptional subsidy of 75,000 euros, a childhood and youth contract of 11,093 euros, a purchase of service provision from the City of 70,000 euros, and from the agglomeration of 90 000 euros, the rental of the Arena for 16 matches for an amount of 110,400 euros, a new commissioning service and the occupation of the hall at 96,800 euros, editor’s note).

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This Wednesday, August 17 at 9:30 a.m., Narbonne Volley will therefore appear before the CNOSF conciliation board to try to have a favorable opinion on its reinstatement in Ligue A. If this is the case, the French Volleyball Federation may reassess the new file. If the advisory opinion is not positive, the Aude club may turn to the administrative court. The latter, by summary procedure, could reinstate Narbonne, pending judgment.

Will the FUN be able to validate its sporting maintenance?

The situation of FU Narbonne is also complex. While sportingly, the maintenance is acquired, a report of June 13 came the penal club of three points for not having participated in a Gambardella cup match on September 25, 2021. But despite a confirmation of the decision of the League Occitania by the French Football Federation, the FUN still hopes for the lifting of this sanction and to be able to be evaluated again in National 3 the coming season. The training of the Aude workforce has resumed for several weeks now, and doubt persists at the level of the players and the staff. But hope still exists, and as they say as long as there is life, there is hope.

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The FUN will therefore also appear, this Wednesday, before the CNOSF for an advisory opinion and then allow the potential reassessment of the file.

These two teams must resume competition between the end of September and the beginning of October. But in the meantime, Narbonne Volley and FUN continue to prepare without knowing in which division they are evaluating.

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