Volleyball – Women’s Worlds 2022 – The results – Boskovic’s Serbia was invincible

Volleyball – Women’s World Championship 2022

The teams involved



The competition format


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Stage 1

The classification of the groups HERE

Friday 23/09

Saturday 24/09

Sunday 25/09

Monday 09/26

Tuesday 09/27

Wednesday 28/09

Thursday, September 29

friday september 30

Saturday October 1

Sunday October 2

Phase 2

We find the 16 best nations divided into two groups of 8. Each team plays 4 times against nations not faced in phase 1.

The top 4 teams from each group will then qualify for the quarter-finals.


The classification of the groups HERE

Tuesday, October 4

Japan v Belgium: 3-1

Thailand vs. Canada : 1-3

Italy against Brazil: 2-3

UNITED STATES vs Dominican Republic: 3-1

Turkey v Germany: 3-0

The Netherlands v Argentina: 3-1

Serbia vs Poland: 3-0

Wednesday, October 5

Italy vs Japan: 3-1

Thailand vs. Germany : 1-3

spine v Puerto Rico: 3-0

Turkey vs Canada: 3-0

Serbia vs Dominican Republic: 3-0

Belgium v Argentina: 3-0

United States vs. Poland: 0-3

Thursday, October 6

Brazil v Puerto Rico: 3-0

spine against Netherlands: 3-2

friday october 7

Japan v Puerto Rico: 3-0

Serbia vs Thailand: 3-0

Italy v Argentina: 3-0

UNITED STATES vs Turkey: 3-1

Dominican Rep. v Germany: 3-1

Brazil against Netherlands: 3-0

Poland vs Canada: 3-2

Saturday October 8

Italy against China: 3-0

UNITED STATES vs Thailand: 3-2

Brazil v Belgium: 3-1

Serbia v Turkey: 3-0

Dominican Republic vs Canada: 2-3

Poland vs Germany

Sunday October 9

spine v Belgium: 3-0

Japan against Netherlands: 3-0

Porto Rico v Argentina: 3-1

Tuesday, October 11, the 1/4 finals

Italy v China: 3-1

UNITED STATES v Turkey: 3-0

Brazil vs Japan: 3-2

Serbia vs Poland: 3-2

Wednesday, October 12, semi-final

Serbia v USA: 3-1, 25/21 25/20 17/25 25/23

The defending champions, still undefeated in these worlds, are once again playing for the world title. Well led by a fabulous Tijana Boskovic, the Serbs did not leave much to the Americans, who won the title in 2014.

Thursday October 13, semi-final

Italy against Brazil : 1-3

Twelve and after their last world finals, the Brazilians of the incredible captain Gabi Guimaraes will have another opportunity to win the first title in their history.

Saturday October 15, Final 3rd place

United States vs. Italy : 0-3, 20-25, 15-25, 25-27

Saturday October 15, Final

Serbia vs. Brazil: 3-0, 26-24, 25-22, 25-17

Four years after their first coronation in 2018, the Serbs doubled the bet and finished these World Cups undefeated with simply 12 wins in 12 matches.

Brazil, like all the other nations, did not weigh heavily against the 24 points of the best player on the planet Tijana Boskovic, well helped by Jovana Stevanovic and the other seven players of the team.

This victory also crowns an incredible phase for Serbian women’s volleyball which has enjoyed enormous success over the past six years, winning two world titles, two Olympic medals (silver in Rio 2016 and bronze in Tokyo 2020), two European titles (2017 , 2019).

“I am speechless”, commented team captain Boskovic. โ€œThese girls, this team, this energyโ€ฆ We did it without losing a single game. I am so happy and so proud to be part of this group.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us over the past three weeks, especially my family. ยป


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