Washes. Rugby: ASV committed to training

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Training center, two-star label, the Vauréen club relies on training.

For 3 seasons, the ASV Lavaur rugby club has been strongly developing its youth training policy. The efforts of all club members and throughout this stratum structure the club are advancing this training policy so that the children of the ASV are more and more the future of the club. The labeling of the 2-star rugby school obtained in July 2022, the committed club label and the establishment of the Training Center are the first tools and involve nearly fifty volunteers.

The Training Center offers the young people of the club, aged 12 to 18, personalized support in the construction of their educational and sporting path in order to evolve towards the senior teams of the club and benefit from academic support, help with the construction of the school or professional project. On Monday at 5 p.m., young people meet at the Clauzades rugby school. The first hour is help with homework, tutoring with a dozen volunteers; then it’s rugby, individual work and other volunteers. Open for 2 years, the training center (located at the exit of the college) is gaining more and more followers.

Be the breeding ground for the senior group

Since this summer, the ASV rugby school has obtained its 2-star label, the only club in the department to have this quality mark; only Castres Olympique has a 3-star rugby school. All the educators of the ASV rugby school have worked since September 2021, with the precious help of Lionel Viguier (League), to further improve the quality of its training to obtain the 2-star label. A 2-star label that requires structuring your training, creating a global training plan and by age section. The main goal is to further improve the training of the Lavaur rugby school with the aim of becoming more and more the breeding ground for the club’s senior group. Another reward for the ASV that of the committed club label, the FFR rewarded 220 clubs at the national level. The objectives of this labeling are to identify good practices, promote social innovation and support the rise of a club in its project or action.

Sunday, September 25, the seniors demoted the Castanet teams at home; meetings at 1:45 p.m. for the Federal Hopes and at 3:30 p.m. for the federal 1. A reversed calendar date because Castanet due to land unavailable for Castanet.

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