“We are returning to normality”, says the president of FC Portes Entre-deux-Mers

Both of them. We made a start to the season to the surprise of…

Both of them. We have made a surprising start to the season for many. Finally, we are falling back into a certain normality for a group like ours. But in view of the classification, we are more than alive and I think our performances are not bad, apart from our match in Niort. We got away wins. It remains to know now the taste of success at home.

Precisely, you are still looking for a victory at home. Will sustaining passing by efficiency on your lawn?

We had various scenarios back home. The match against Anglet still sticks in my throat because on request of benevolence, fair play and I did not see that day from our opponents. But I think that to keep going, we will have to take points at home. Even if we don’t play our life and it’s still football, every point will count, especially against N3 teams that are all very strong and well constituted. All matches are at a good level. I do not forget that we are part of the two pool teams that do not have federal contracts. We are not in the same court as the others but we play the same championship.

You have opted for a staff that has known the N3 previously. Was it essential for you?

We chose competence. Antoine Vergès experienced this level with Arlac for three years which proved to be satisfactory. But we chose a staff not only for their skills in football but also for their openness to the world.

Do you feel that your club is progressing since your rise this summer in N3?

The team is stronger. The club is progressing, it is growing not only at the level of the first team, but also of its reserve which is rising and which is second in R3. We are stabilizing the club at 650 licensees with women’s teams, in college and in futsal.

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