“We are still too far from the level we are aiming for”, admits Shaun Sowerby

Your team reacted to get the bonus point against Mont-de-Marsan and the draw at Nevers, could this character not be seen earlier in the match?

Yes, but we don’t always decide. It’s always easy to look and analyze cold, it’s easy to say, in retrospect, he should have done so or that. Except that currently we are not there. Today, we alternate very, very well and less well and in an 80-minute match, we are still too far from the level we have set and from a certain regularity. Here we are the current team.

Are these reactions still part of the satisfaction of this start to the championship?

Yes. Finding a solution is what we and the players try to do on a daily basis. You have to reproduce it in a match, which is not easy, but you have to have several weapons to win, especially since the Pro D2 is very varied. The other satisfaction is that we faced four beautiful teams, two of which were away, and all the matches were played to the end. It’s not yet fluid but we have dominance, possession, chances and we’re never caught, we’re not chasing a wide score. A few more weeks and we’ll see things go smoother and confidence will come with results and performance, not before.

Precisely, in this construction of the team, we see the conquest well in place and less the attack, does the game set up more quickly among the forwards than among the three-quarters?

We play a game with a lot of volume, a lot of passes, a lot of transitions so you have to accept that there are mistakes because that’s what is the most complex in rugby: mastering the physical part with all this complexity. It’s not an excuse, everyone tries to work on it but often, moving the ball, producing, having their bearings and this ability to hold the ball while physically resisting, it’s the last one to choose who puts herself in square . There are also a lot of young players, who bring a lot of enthusiasm and freshness, but with whom we have to accept learning, but we have room, it will come.

Carcassonne arrives with a desire for redemption after the defeat at Vannes. It will take your game from the first minutes…

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