Welsh supporters deprived of their rainbow hats for the match against the United States?

The controversy over the presence of the rainbow color in the stadiums of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is not going to stop at the “One Love” armband that some captains may wish to wear. Symbol of the fight against discrimination against the LGBT + community, the latter will not appear a priori in the competition on the arms of Harry Kane, Hugo Lloris and so many other players. But another episode accompanied the United States – Wales match (1-1) on Monday evening.

Many Welsh supporters are used to wearing a rainbow hat, and their entry into the Ahmed-Ben Ali stadium in Al-Rayyan was not easy. As explained by GuardianThe Welsh Football Federation has thus launched an investigation into the circumstances in which these supporters, mainly female, had their hats confiscated when they arrived at the stadium, for this first match of the World Cup in Wales since 1958.

An American journalist blocked for his t-shirt

“Despite the fine words of FIFA [on pense notamment à la conférence de presse lunaire de Gianni Infantino samedi], our rainbow hats were confiscated at the stadium, mine included, says former Welsh national team footballer Laura McAllister. They insisted that unless we took the hat off we weren’t allowed to enter the stadium. “After long exchanges with the security personnel, the latter finally managed to rally the stands with her hat, which she described as” a small moral victory “.

The Welsh National Team LGBT+ Supporters Group The Rainbow Wall insisted on Monday on Twitter that this ban on hats initially concerned almost exclusively the women present at Al Rayyan. “We can’t trust FIFA at all, nothing they said is true,” continues The Rainbow Wall. An American journalist was refused, for long minutes, access to the stadium for this match if he kept rainbow yarn t-shirt“unauthorized political car” depending on the stadium.

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