What are the possible consequences of the Laporte-Altrad trial?

On December 13, President Rose-Marie Hunault renders her judgment. And the question which during this period, will agitate the microcosm of French and international rugby, will be to know what will happen in the event of conviction of Bernard Laporte. Will the president of the FFR be forced to leave office less than a year before the 2023 World Cup like the other players in a case that will have permanently damaged the image of the federation in France and abroad? ‘foreign ?

But there is an even more restrictive and irreversible scenario for Bernard Laporte

If the judgment is rejected, it seems certain that Bernard Laporte will initiate an appeal procedure. Nothing forces him to resign. Pending a new trial which would most likely take place after the World Cup, he would benefit from the presumption of innocence and could go through with his term in 2024.

Of course, we cannot predict what the position of the Ministry of Sports will be in this case, which is embarrassing to say the least, especially when hosting a planetary event. What possible pressure Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the Minister of Sports, would she then exert on the FFR?

But there is an even more restrictive and irreversible scenario for Bernard Laporte. Among the requisitions of the PNF, on the succession that the prohibition to manage a company and that of exercising any function related to rugby, are accompanied by a “provisional execution”. That is to say that they would be applied immediately and not suspended in the event of an appeal.

Election but when?

This is a device rarely pronounced in this type of case according to the lawyers we interviewed. But if President Rose-Marie Hunault followed these requisitions, Bernard Laporte would therefore be forced to leave office.

So what would happen to the Federation? The statutes of the FFR require the federal office to propose an interim president. A close friend of Bernard Laporte – Christian Dullin, the secretary general, Henri Mondino, Alain Doucet or Patrick Buisson among the vice-presidents – would occupy this role with the mission of managing daily life until the next general assembly of the FFR where a new president would then be elected by the clubs.

On the federal calendar, a financial AG is scheduled for December 10. It’s too early. The next one is usually scheduled for late June or early July. Could it be brought forward in exceptional circumstances? The certainty is that the contenders must be part of the current steering committee. It is obvious that Florian Grill, the leader of Ovale Ensemble, narrowly beaten by Bernard Laporte in the last elections, would seek the presidency of the FFR. But he will not be the only one because in the camp of the former coach of the XV of France, they are some to have anticipated the aftermath.

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