What will become of the Volkswagen Golf?

Until last year, the Volkswagen Golf remained the best-selling automobile on the Old Continent. But his reign seems to be coming to an end since in 2022, it is for the moment the T-Roc SUV which is leading the race on the European market while the Golf is losing ground. that Volkswagen is putting on its 100% electric compact ID.3 and wants to establish itself as a leader in cars now with zero emissions, is the venerable Golf doomed to disappear? According to Volkswagen brand boss Thomas Schafer, this is not the case.

“It would be crazy to let brands as strong as Golf and GTI die in our range”he explains to the English journalists of Autocar. “Our electric range will include ID badged models in the future but our iconic cars will keep their name. The Golf could perhaps even be called ID.Golf »he projects.

The Golf could form the entry-level compact

Still according to Thomas Schafer, the future ninth generation Golf should logically become a 100% electric model too. But it would possibly form the compact entry-level of the range, retained at the ID.3 the luxury of a more expensive positioning with larger dimensions. In the current range, the Golf starts at €31,060 with a 110 horsepower petrol engine. The ID.3 does not start at less than €46,100. In fact, the Golf is therefore already more accessible than the ID.3. Even if this Golf can also exceed €62,000 in its R 20 Years version with 333 horsepower…

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