What will the future rugby stadium in Hérouville Saint-Clair be used for?

A new stand, changing rooms and a clubhouse will see the light of day at the Montmorency rugby stadium in Hérouville. ©L2 Architects

For many years, the project was in the cards to Herouville Saint Clair (Calvados). It will become reality: “A new stand and new changing rooms will be integrated into the Montmorency rugby stadium”, loose Philippe Hannot, deputy mayor in charge of sports.

Grandstand with 200 seats, four changing rooms

In total, around 200 places are announced in the future stand of the stadium. Below, four changing rooms will be integrated for the teams and the referees, as well as an office for the rugby club and a club house. The temporary buildings, installed on the edge of the land, will however be kept by the municipality.

Soaring prices, a budget of around 1.5 million euros

With the current world situation, the project has seen its price soar. Initially 900,000 euros, the budget would be around 1.5 million euros today, with soaring raw materials. The building permit has been filed and one year of work is announced. If the launch of the site is not yet stalled, in particular because of this soaring price, it should be at the beginning of the year 2023. The delivery of the site is expected for “January 2024”.

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