Wheelchair tennis. Only happiness in Chevigny

For three days, the TC Chevigny National Wheelchair Tennis Tournament, 3e edition, known success. The complacent weather allowed an ideal unfolding on the outdoor courts with the small hands of the club in the good care of the athletes.

The latter had at their disposal, two physiotherapists, a mechanic, board and lodging. A Marseillais tried the Chevigny adventure, Franck Galvez (n°24): “I wanted to change air compared to the good echoes of this tournament”, he says. “With such an organization, the conviviality, the structure, going to 24 is possible. He was delighted with his weekend. Same story with Serge Mabally (n°24, Clichy).

Husser-Walther recidivism

“This young tournament already had good press, I confirm it as regards the know-how, the reception. “They were able, from Friday, to measure the interest of the club for the specialty with the presence of nearly three hundred schoolchildren invited for the occasion… To enter them players, all classified, for each match, a score but it is their advanced in each of the tables that enters into the calculation of the hierarchical pyramid. In table 1, Husser-Walther (n°5, Wittenheim), winner in 2021, wins, 7-5, 6-0, against Schivi (n°10, Champigneules).

Joined at 5 everywhere, the Alsatian only lined up winning points… “I had two good matches but in the final, he progressed as he pleased”, admitted the finalist. For places 3 and 4 (TMC format), Francilien Mabally beat Southern Galvez, 6-4, 6-1.

RESULTS ➤ Table 1. – 1uh lap: Husser-Walther (n°5) b. Everaert (No. 11); Galvez (#24) b. Vallet (No. 31); Mabally (n°23), b. Dangin (No. 19); Schivi (#10) b. Pages (#12). 2e tour: Husser-Walther b. Galvez; Schivi b. Mabally. Final: Husser-Walther b. Schivi, 7-5, 6-0. ➤ Table 2. – 1uh visit: Morin (n°57) b. Dautel (51); Chessel (#55) b. Ribeaud (No. 56); Ibars (#54) b. Bertoux (no. 64); Schmaeh (No. 54) n. Dezagwojdjan (No. 65). 2etour: Chessel b. Morin; Schmaeh b. Ibars. Final: Schmaeh b. Chelsea, 6-3, 6-3.

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