why the foot while walking to the coast

At eleven, at seven or at five, on grass, sand or asphalt, in the biggest stadiums or in a playground… Universal sport par excellence, football can be declined in a multitude of variants. One of them is practiced… without having the right to run.

Welcome to the world of walking foot, or “walking foot” in England, where the discipline appeared in the early 2010s. France got into it in turn and the Loire is no exception to the phenomenon.

“As the foot is facing a drop in licensees, we have to find other practices to keep the players”, explains Jean-Paul Petit, president of the foot leisure and new practices commission in the district. The foot while walking makes it possible to keep those who can no longer play, because of their age, overweight or a health concern. »

An activity encouraged by the medical community

The main rule is to always keep one foot in contact with the ground. Also forbidden to lift the ball above…

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