Wild boars ravage a golf course in Gap

For several years, wild boar damage on golf courses has been regular. The latter appreciate the small lawns on request they can quietly seek their food, with the great barrage of the managers of the grounds concerned as well as golfers.

This is unfortunately what happened on the night of September 21 to 22 on the golf course of Gap-Bayard which was partly ravaged by suids.

The people in charge of the golf course communicated the information via their Facebook page and they seem to be taking the matter very philosophically:

Last night the wild boars once again showed how much they too adored Bayard. »

This is not the first time that this land has been attacked by wild boars and it is regularly targeted by incursions of big game in search of food.

This time, the suids were still strong and it will take time before the signs of their passage fade completely.

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