Will the Golf 8 be the last? One may ask…

The new boss of Volkswagen is not sure that a ninth generation of Golf will see the light of day. The evolution of environmental regulations and the cohabitation with the ID.3 thus put the famous compact in a delicate position.

Between the arrival of the future Euro 7 environmental standard, which promises to be extremely strict, and the forced march of electrification imposed by the thermal shutdown scheduled for 2035 on the new home market in the European Union (two sources of high costs for manufacturers), gasoline and diesel cars, even electrified ones, are caught in a vice that could get the better of many of them before the end of this decade. Some iconic models, yet commercially viable for many years, are in the hot seat. In this context Thomas Schäfer, who has just taken over the general management of the Volkswagen brand, was already planning not to renew the Golf after the eighth and current generation..

“We have to assess the relevance of developing a new vehicle that does not remain in the catalog for seven or eight years (classic commercial cycle of a generation of car, editor’s note). It is extremely expensive. We will know more in twelve months“, would have declared the boss of Volkswagen, of the proposals reported by our German colleagues from Die Welt. The Wolfsubrg firm wants to finish its work on the restyling of the current model before looking into the question of a Golf 9.

The ID.3 to replace the Golf?

The balance of sales between the Volkswagen Golf and ID.3 over the next few months could seal the future of the compact brought in 1974. The manufacturer planning to stop the thermal in Europe between 2033 and 2035, the question could be to to know which of these two models will last to replace the other: electric Golf or new generations of ID.3. Because it is a fratricidal competition between these two cars which is taking shape. Moreover, if the Golf still prances at the top of new car sales in Europe, its registration volumes fall with the market. In 2021, just over 205,000 Golfs were sold on the Old Continent, compared to just over 500,000 in 2018 and over 400,000 in 2019. “It’s not about market share, it’s about being commendable. In the past, we also offered niche products in the but to become the largest automaker in the world. Today today, it is a question of making the system the least complex”, would have explained Thomas Schäfer. And to add: “To do this, we need basic models that work very well, like the Beetle or the GolfOr precisely, at its launch, the ID.3 was presented as the new Volkswagen icon in line with these two classics. Will it succeed them?

Published on 02/08/2022 Updated 02/08/2022

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